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About Work Of A Guardian Angel

About Education of a Guardian Angel

Published by Ozark Mountain Publishing, 2014

Meet Darcimon Stillwater, Spirit Guide and Life Guide to Annie:

Darci has a special affinity for language and writing. In a former life on Earth, he served as a scribe to the Roman Senate where he developed these skills. He also has accumulated other talents from may Earth lifetimes as well as from experiences on other planes of existence, which he has refined and supplemented on the Spirit Guide Plane. Darci has chosen to assist and serve his human charge, Annie, during this crucial period of change on Earth. Darci has not only completed the lengthy, complicated, and difficult training to become a Spirit Guide, he has also studied with the Master guides to prepare material to help humans with the great transformation now occurring on earth.

About The Dawn Book

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Annie will speak at the Ozark Mountain Transformation Conference in Eureka, Arkansas June 9 - 11, 2017.

Annie would like to do a workshop in your area, contact her for more information.